Verus Live Activation Session:


Wednesday, June 16th • 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. ET


Employee burnout is costly. Join us for a mini-training and collaborative discussion with Craig Ross, CEO of Verus Global plus special guest panelists to:

  • Activate the best in teammates during the transition back to the office.
  • Learn to use the Energy Map to avoid burnout and energize colleagues around a shared reality.
  • Get the tools to increase your teams' wellbeing, happiness and overall productivity.

Featured Presenters:

Craig Ross - CEO, Verus Global

Plus Special Guest Speakers

Empowering Leaders To Rapidly Align Collaborative Teams, So They Can Deliver Plans And Priorities.

  • How to Mobilize the Hearts and Minds of Teammates: It’s easier than you think and can be done as your team works under pressing deadlines
  • Apply the Energy Map: Providing a framework for your employees, leaders, and teams to energize around a shared reality and execute with excellence.
  • Understand what Thinking Causes Burnout and Create the Opposite: Avoiding burnout while maintaining productivity is critical to any team. Learn how empathy-in-action tools can support to mitigate workplace burnout.
  • Empower your Leaders with a Framework for Conversations that Align and Mobilize Employees toward Objectives: Modeling begins at the top!
  • Deliver Improved Results: Case studies from Proctor Gamble, Alcon, Ford, and more.

Even if you are not able to join live, please sign up for the event and we will email you a replay.

Guest Speakers

Angela V. Paccione Ph.D.

Angela V. Paccione is the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education and sits on Colorado State Governor’s cabinet. She also serves as an advisor to Verus Global and is well known in collaborative leadership circles as a former facilitator and as co-author of Do Big Things. An advocate for equality and social justice, Angie is a seasoned diversity practitioner who has dedicated her career to serving top leaders and teams at global Fortune 100 companies who are motivated to advance and nurture a diverse and inclusive culture within their organizations.

Malik Hakim Ph.D P.Eng.

Malik Hakim has worked with cross-functional teams across many industries. He has spent the last thirty years delivering simple yet effective solutions to company issues that have, at times, existed for decades. Using a technical approach to work closely with the experts across affected functions, Malik combines their diverse perspectives into a comprehensive strategy that meets all corporate requirements and then works hand-in-hand with the teams to implement the solution.